Dipika Yoga School

Dipika Yoga School opened its doors November 5, 1999.

The name of the school Dipika in sanscrit means ‘what brings light‘. Dipa is the light for altar ceremony in India. Dipika is also the name of Natalya Dubinina whos is the founder and the director of the school. She got the name through initiation in India.


During 1999-2004 teaching in the school was provided by Sergey and Natalya Dubinins, the son and the mother. Both teachers had lived and educated in India, Tibet and Nepal. Since 2005 Sergey has been working separately in his Tantra Yoga School.


Nowadays teaching in Dipika is being provided by Natalya Dubinina and her disciples, yoga trainers.

The school offers classes based on classic Indian yoga with elements of Tibetan, Chinese and Dao Yoga. Besides regular classes of yoga-asana, yoga of breathing and philosophy of yoga, Dipika offers special courses like nutrition yoga, pranayama, Radja yoga , Satipattha Vipassana etc.


The school regularly organizes retreats in countryside.

There are open lectures on different aspects of yoga taking place every Saturday.

Dipika is opened daily from 6 am till 9 pm (Sunday - holyday).

Also, the school has a nice small ayurvedic cafe.


Brief video about the school (in Russian).

Dipika Yoga SchoolDipika Yoga School